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About Saved by the Geek

Saved by the Geek® is a computer service which offers personalized in-house computer support to Residential and Small Business customers in the South Jersey area. The major benefit of our service is that Residential Service calls are done in the privacy and comfort of your own home. We'll even let you ask questions and look over our shoulder while we work. Our  rates are far less than a computer service repair shop, or even most computer consulting firms in the area. Our service offerings include improvements of your computer's performance, upgrade the components, install a network, share high speed internet cable modems or just learn how to use your PC effectively.  Please click on services  button for a complete list of our services.


Owner and primary computer analyst, Matthew Condon, has over 38 years experience with all  type of computer systems, networks, and peripheral devices. Matthew has traveled the world working for large Fortune 100 Companies for over 20 years, he operated his own  consulting business in Philadelphia  for six years as a corporate consultant, then relocated to South Jersey in 2001. He started Saved by the Geek LLC.in 2002 and has been helping the Jersey Shore communities with there computer problem ever since.


Matthew Condon

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