Computer Repair Service


Traditional Service, Repair, and Upgrades

Forget about hauling your computer to the repair shop for upgrades or maintenance.  Then it may take a few days to a week to get it back.  We will come to your house and will fix or upgrade the computer while you watch in the comfort of your own home. We offer hardware repair for most major brands of computers and will also perform any type of upgrades you desire. Need more RAM memory or a bigger hard disk? Laptop screens or broken keyboards are no problem.  Simple low cost improvements can help extend the life of your computer.

Networking High Speed Internet and WIFI Wireless

Have more than one computer in the house and want to exchange data between them or maybe share a printer.  Different Internet vendors offer different speed choices, we can assist with selecting the best option for your needs.  Need a VPN virtual Private Network to your business or work account for private secure access.  WIFI weak signal performance is everyone's nightmare.  We can boost your WIFI signal strength and select the proper location of your equipment.

Virus Detection and Removal

Virus protection is an absolute must if you use email, surf the Internet or get files from diskette or over a network.  In this era of computing, viruses are sneaky and  stealthy, you may not know if your computer is infected. If the computer is acting up, running slow, video display problems then you may have a virus.  Our trained professionals will pinpoint the problem and take measures to correct it.  Sometimes a virus will do major damage and the operating system and the Windows O.S. will need to be re-installed.

Data Recovery and Backups

Loss of data from a hard disk crash or virus infection is extremely frustrating, you may have lost all your digital pictures or important documents.  Safeguarding your personal data is your responsibility by using USB thumb drives, external disks, or cloud storage.  If your computer won’t start due to operating system damage or 1st stage disk failure then acting fast is a priority.  We have many extraction techniques to recover data off of a failing hard disk or failing windows operating system.

And Much Much More...

Having over 35 years experience we are sure that whatever your technical needs are we can help: Parental Controls, firewall and security, tutoring and training, setting up your new TV, security cameras, any kind of geeky stuff. Call us today!

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